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Kick the Hotel Habit

Planning a getaway in the Mountain Grove area? Before you start checking out the most popular hotels in or near town, here’s a different idea for you: Stay a bed and breakfast. That's right—stay in a room at a lodging where people know Mountain Grove best, specifically Stone Cottage Inn.

The service at Stone Cottage Inn goes way beyond being just somewhere to lay your head while on vacation. Many hotels think of their patrons merely as customers. At Stone Cottage, you are special guests.

The finer details at the Inn go way beyond those at a hotel, where they plunk you in a room that’s identical to the rest of its rooms. In addition to being in a renovated historic building, each of the Inn’s five rooms are decorated and laid out quite differently from each other. For example, the quaint Garden Cottage room looks nothing like the Avenue room, which has the feel of a picturesque country bungalow. The Rustic Ranch room has a Western atmosphere, while the Fireside Cottage offers a fireplace.

The per-night rate at the Inn starts at $99, which is much less than a respectable hotel in the area. When you account for hotels’ customary tips, the amounts can add up to $50 or more during a one-week stay.

How many times have you wished your hotel offered free Wi-Fi? Each room at Stone Cottage Inn has not only free Wi-Fi but also a kitchen. And bring your pet along, which spares you from hunting around for the few hotels that are pet-friendly.

Looking for great eateries and activities? A hotel might lazily direct you to a kiosk littered with impersonalized (and likely outdated) tourist pamphlets. The Inn owners are a wealth of knowledge about the area. You can rest assured that they’ll happily tip you off to the best restaurants and things to do.

Stone Cottage Inn is at 128 West 2nd Street in Mountain Grove, Missouri. Please feel free to contact us at 417-344-4648 or Also, subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Facebook!

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