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Be a Tourist in Your Own Town

When you live somewhere long enough, it stops being an interesting destination and becomes the surrounding area where you buy groceries and get your car serviced. Treat Mountain Grove like a new-to-you destination. You probably already know this, but it’s one of the friendliest, most picturesque small towns in the Ozarks.

And, of course, you couldn’t be a tourist in your town without staying like a tourist. And make that stay at Stone Collage Inn, where you will feel at home but not be at home. Here are some simple ways to turn your hometown into a vacation destination.

Find out about special events and pencil in the ones that interest you. Check out Look for art fairs, block parties, neighborhood garage sales, concerts or movies in the park, ethnic food fairs, guided nature hikes in city parks and community education classes.

What better way to be a tourist in your own town than to spend time with an actual tourist? If you have friends or relatives who live in another town, even one that’s somewhat close by, plan a fun weekend by having all of you stay at Stone Cottage Inn and showing them all of the awesome things that Mountain Grove has to offer. Make an itinerary for each day.

Bring your camera. Most travelers never leave their hotel without one because they want to create long-lasting memories. Doing this when you are going on a local hike or visiting a nearby landmark can awaken that travel mindset instead of feeling like it’s another run-of-the mill day.

Treat yourself to local cuisine. When you’re travelling, one of the best parts of visiting a new place is getting a taste of the local cuisine. Why not bring that taste in travel Mountain Grove? Finding local, family-owned restaurants and eateries is a great way to break from slaving over yet another meal you made at home. Try something new in the same way you would while travelling.

Take mini-road trips to a close-by town or city. Is there a nearby town you’ve always driven passed but never stopped to check it out? There is no time like the present to make a plan to sightsee in that unexplored town and discover all it has to offer!

Stone Cottage Inn is at 128 West 2nd Street. Please feel free to contact us at 417-344-4648 or Also, subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Facebook!

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